Computer Care

Computer care and maintenance is often overlooked by the average user. Yet, taking a few precautions as you work, and learning to use the computer and its file system properly, can save you trouble in the long run.

Time taken, once or twice a month, to perform a few simple clean up procedures and use a couple of maintenance utilities, can make a big difference in how your computer performs.

With a little preventive maintenance and proper computer care, you can increase the overall speed and efficiency of your computer.


Here are some general tips on the care of your PC:
Close all progams before you shut down your computer.
Keep magnets away from your computer and disks. Magnets can erase information.
Computers need air circulation to keep them cool. As they continue to get faster, they use more voltage and therefore run hotter. Don't place your PC in a cramped place.
Keep computers free from dust and smoke.
It is handy to have a surge protector like a UPS system.
Do not plug devices into the computer while it is on, unless you are inserting a USB device.
As long as your computer is under warranty, never throw away the original packaging. Also, you should keep everything that came with the computer (manuals, diskettes, CD-ROMs) in a safe place.
Printers should be turned off only by the power button on the printer case, never by a surge protector it is plugged into.
If at all possible, do not eat or drink around your PC. If you do, be extremely careful. Spilling liquid on your keyboard can short the computer out.
Always use some form of Anti-Virus software.
Scandisk and Defrag are very useful programs in the protection of your data. Use them.